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Why Visit Galveston this Fall

Fall is the time of year when people get a break from the summer heat and enjoy the aromas of pumpkin spice-flavored drinks in coffee shops. Aside from being a perfect season for travel, fall is a great time to visit Galveston Island. With the cooler temperature, you can relax on the 32 miles of sandy beaches on the island. Or maybe you want to try catching fish and enjoying the outdoors.

Moreover, fall is the season when festivals are held and discover the rich and interesting history of Galveston through ghost tours. And if you want to treat yourself to delicious food after a day full of adventure, just visit any of the restaurants located throughout the Strand Historic District. Truly, there are many reasons to visit Galveston Island including the following:

Enjoy the Amazing Weather

While the summer swelter in Texas motivates you to cool off in the Gulf of Mexico’s inviting waters, there is more to love about the island of Galveston in the fall. Besides cooler weather, the humidity also tends to drop, making it a pleasant time of the year. Plus, Galveston is famous for its sunshine, ensuring you what you need to have the best vacation on the Texas Gulf Coast.

Witness Awesome Events

Fall in Galveston is full of parades, food, and music you can handle. The Galveston Island Greek Festival is the best time to savor the flavors of beef souvlaki, gyros, and other traditional foods.

You can also go to the Trumpet Building in the historic Old Galveston Square. It houses a full kitchen and bar which makes it famous for any events. This iconic landmark trumpet is facing Tremont Street where guests can enjoy a glass conservatory and go to the 100-foot balcony overlooking the Strand. Currently, the Trumpet Building hosts some exciting Mardi Gras events every year and the Lone Star Rally every year.

If you are an art lover, do not miss the ARToberFEST that transforms the Strand into an outdoor gallery. This gallery features the works of more than a hundred artists from across the United States.

Participate in Ghost Tours

Halloween is the best time to experience the spooky side of Galveston through ghost tours. These tours offer all the spine-tingling chills you could ask for. Participating in those tours will let you explore the most active paranormal hot spots on the island with Dash Beardsley, Galveston’s one and only Ghost Man. Also, you get to visit creepy locations in the Strand District or the Old City Cemetery.

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