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What to Wear While Whale Watching in 2021

When you are getting ready for a whale watching trip, the most important thing to remember is to pack the right clothes. It gets cold on the water no matter what the temperature is on land. If you bring too little you could be under-dressed for the conditions. Wearing too many layers is never a problem as you can always take some off.


The first thing to remember when whale watching in Eden or in any other part of the world is layers. Dressing for whale watching on the sea means wearing enough layers to keep you warm. The temperature is a lot cooler on the open sea, so take this into consideration when you pack.

Rainproof Jacket

You will be going out on the ocean to see whales in their natural habitat and although it may not rain, you may get hit with water from somewhere else. Some whales come close enough to splash everyone on the boat while having fun with their visitors. Remember to pack a waterproof jacket, so your other clothes do not get wet. It is best to go for something lightweight and easy to pack.

Waterproof Pants

Just because the sun is shining on the land does not mean it is a good time to wear shorts on your whale watching trip. Always go for long, waterproof pants and avoid dresses or shorts. It is a good idea to wear wind blocking fabrics like denim or Gore-Tex. The wind tends to whip up when you are on the open ocean and it gets cold.

Hats, Gloves, & Mask

We are in the middle of a pandemic, so do not forget to wear a mask. In addition, wear clothes and a thick wholly hat to keep you warm. Do not wear baseball caps as they will be blown off your head the moment a swift breeze hits the boat.

Proper Shoes

By this we mean do not wear sandals, crocs, or thongs (flip-flops). You need a good pair of closed-toe shoes that provide comfort and grip. It will get cold and wet, so a warm pair of stable shoes is essential.

In addition to packing all the essential clothing and footwear, you should always remember to bring sunglasses, water, a light snack, and sunscreen. Summer is a great time of year to go on a whale watching trip, if you have not already gone, now is the time.  Do some research and book with a reputable company.

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