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Six Famous Historic Places in Galveston that are Worth Visiting

Galveston, Texas is a treasure island of exciting attractions and fun for families. A visit to Galveston will let you experience a day of unforgettable historic exploration. In fact, there are many historic properties in Galveston you can either simply visit or even lease for your business. If you are looking for fun things to do in Galveston, here are historic places to visit in the island city.

The Grand 1894 Opera House

This theater was constructed during the Victorian era exhibiting a prominent arch overarching the entrance. The interior invokes pleasurable memories of the culture and splendor that cover the time it was built. It features rows of velvet blue seats and an expensive stage donned in red velvet. People can find two columns of three luxurious viewing boxes on either side of the stage that sit nearest the stage, offering breathtaking views.

The Strand District

The Strand District is part of Downtown Galveston featuring great restaurants, night clubs, shops, museums, and other attractions. The district became the island’s bustling business center. The venues are lined with Victorian buildings that still function as contemporary places of commerce. Many festivals happen in the district every year.

Moody Mansion

The city island of Galveston is known for its preservation of Victorian-era buildings. Among these buildings, the Moody Mansion is an architectural gem. The mansion was constructed in 1895 and purchased by W.L. Moody Jr in 1900. The 28, 000-square foot, four-story mansion is open to the public to take self-guided and audio tours through the estate’s two main floors.

Ocean Star Offshore Oil Rig Museum

The gulf city is home to the Ocean Star Museum where you can witness the life of oil rig engineers w who live on an oil rig for months at a time. The museum’s hall of fame chronicles the history of the greatest contributors and technologies of the oil industry

Ashton Villa House Museum

This was the first house ever made on Broadway Boulevard and the first mansion to be constructed on Broadway Boulevard. These days, the villa operates more on special events and special tours.

St. Mary’s Cathedral Basilica

This expansive cathedral was honored being a cathedral and a minor basilica. It played an important role in the early establishment of Galveston as a Catholic community. It has been able to overcome two massive hurricanes. It re-opened in 2014 and with more notoriety than ever.

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