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Insights on The Enjoyable Ways to have a Great Day in Zoo de Granby

Zoo de Granby is the largest zoo in Canada and is popular worldwide for its varied entertaining features and ambience. Every part of the zoo shows professionalism par excellence including the zoo authorities and their team of zoo care takers.

There is no surprise that the zoo’s vast area nestles more than one thousand eight hundred animals belonging to twenty-three different species. Some endangered species of fauna that belongs to the other continents can be viewed in the manmade natural habitat of the zoo.

Special thoughts to create gorgeous awesome zoo:

  • The prime aim is to conserve natural beauty of our planet:

To create fauna conservation awareness is the whole theme of the zoo. The place is all time favourite spot to visit by tourists and natives alike the whole year. Even then the most visited time is summer as the days are long and highly enjoyable to enjoy water sports.

  • Enjoy every sector of the zoo:

The ground to be covered in the zoo takes a lot of time. Hence, for the convenience of visitors the zoo is divided into four loops. They are named as per the continent the fauna belongs to like Asia, Africa, South America and Oceania. The additional sectors are water game’s park, amusement park and even an Animatronic dinosaur zoo.  In the centre part, there is refreshments, food corner and souvenir shops.

General information on various continental loops:

  • The African trial to watch gigantic animals – You can see the majestic African lion, the attractive huge white rhinoceros, herd of elephants with their bug flap ears, huge gorilla and many more of them in their habitat.

  • The South America loop – Jaguar, Andean condor and the American alligator are some of the main attraction of the tourists. This section is famous for the water sports in Amazoo Water Park. The park unique feature is the Anaconda water slide flowing down from 15m height.
  • The well patterned Asian loop – Amur tiger, red panda, snow leopard and other Asian animals can be seen lazing around in the artificial forest like surroundings. The favourite of the kids is the Japanese Macaque fed snacks in the evening hours.
  • Bird’s nest the Oceania trail – Emu the show stopper, Bennett’s Wallaby and the cute looking Eastern Gray Kangaroo are just stunning to watch moving around. The exclusive exciting feature of this loop is the South Pacific Odyssey pavilion. The aquarium is filled with thousands of fishes of all species.

After spending the best memorable exciting hours in the Zoo De Granby, you can have relaxing hours and good delicious meal in Château Bromont près de Granby.

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