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Five Reasons to Visit Ouray

Ouray County in Colorado depends primarily on tourism, construction, recreation, ranching, and mining. Ouray remains true to the best of the region’s tradition of a relaxed, meaningful quality of life that a lot of people dream about. Ouray is often called the Switzerland of America that offers photographers the beauty of the San Juan Mountains, alpine wildflowers, waterfalls and magnificent riverside, as well as changing seasonal colors. Aside from the unforgettable stay at Ouray Chalet Inn, there are many reasons travelers should visit Ouray:

Watch Species of Birds

Ouray is home to bird species that range from tiny hummingbirds to golden and bald eagles that visitors can view from the town or in the mountains. Birds can also be found in the meadows of the surrounding area. A lot of birds live and reproduce particularly in the Box Canyon Waterfall Park. This is the reason the entire area is listed as a rare bird sanctuary by the National Audobon Society.

Explore Terrains and Trails

Hiker and backpackers in the town can find terrain and trails to stroll in. Those who are new to hiking can start their journey in the base of Cascade Falls or Portland Trail. Those who want a more challenging hike can head to the Horsethief-Bear Creek Loop Trail. Ouray simply has for all abilities and interests.

Climb Rocks and Ice

In the summer, Ouray is known for being a great mountain climbing destination. In the winter, people here enjoy ice climbing. Also, canyoneering is a sport that is gaining popularity in the county, combining climbing and hiking through magnificent waterfalls. There is adventure everywhere in Ouray.

View the Wildlife

Ouray County sparkles during the winter season and moderate temperatures. Winters here provide a serene contrast to the more bustling ski areas of Colorado. Visitors can often see deer, bighorn sheep, and elk grazing in the city park during the cold months. There is no need for a traveler to travel that far from the hot springs because a variety of wildlife enjoys the warmth of the hot springs.

Explore the Town with a Four-Wheel Drive Vehicle

Ouray is usually referred to as the world’s jeeping capital where people can experience the beauty of the town while driving a four-wheel-drive vehicle or trail bike. Visitors can rent a jeep locally or take part in a jeep tour with reliable and experienced drivers. Anyone who’s visiting Ouray should have a four-wheel-drive adventure on top of their bucket list.

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