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Check This Overview Of Copenhagen Before You Visit!

If you are trying to explore the Scandinavian essence, Copenhagen is a great place to start. The Danish capital is steeped in history and offers endless attractions for tourists, so much so that even a week is probably not enough. Before you come to Copenhagen, please check the overview listed below to explore the city better.

Knowing Copenhagen

Copenhagen is known for being a city that aims to be green and sustainable. People here love to ride the bike, and some would simply use the bike to reach work or home every single day. In fact, this is one of the most bike-friendly cities in the world, with dedicated lanes everywhere. That said, public transport is as good as you can expect, and all options – bus, train and metro – are always accessible. Copenhagen is also famed for Nordic cuisine, and contrary to what many may believe, it’s more than just bread or apple wine. Nordic cuisine is actually about fresh, local and seasonal produce, and even the basic recipes are amazing.

Staying in the city

If you are looking for holiday accommodation Copenhagen, you will find many choices, but nothing really beats hotel apartments. Service apartments offer all the facilities and privacy you want, and we promise that the experience is incredible for the price paid. Some of the best properties are located in Østerbro district, where you can rent one-bedroom apartments and even penthouses.

Get the Copenhagen Card

Saving money on entry fees is easy with the Copenhagen Card, which offers entry for more than 86 attractions, including museums and even Tivoli Gardens. Additionally, you can enjoy free transport from the airport, including access to buses, trains and metro. A canal tour is also included for the price. There are flexible choices that you can check for – 24-hour, 48-hour, 72-hour and 120-hour, and you can buy the Copenhagen Card from the airport, online or from tourist hubs.

Maximizing your time

Ensure that you have a plan in hand to explore Copenhagen. If you are here for just couple of days, try and expand your choices. For instance, just visiting the National Museum is more than enough, while you can skip Bakken amusement park if you choose Tivoli Gardens. Make sure that you are aware of the routes, and if you are renting a bike, get one that comes with a GPS-enabled tablet.

Copenhagen can be your ultimate travel destination- start planning now!

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