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All About The Right Time To Visit The Beautiful Town of Steamboat Springs

Steamboat Springs, also known as the powder paradise of skiers, is a small picturesque town located in the midst of Colorado’s Mountains. The town is at its peak beauty during winters, but it even packs plenty of fun for summer tourists. If you are planning for a vacation to Steamboat, here are a few tips on when to visit…

The right time to visit Steamboat Springs

First half of December: If you are planning an early December vacation, be rest assured it is a great time to visit Steamboat. For starters, this is that time of the year when people are usually not traveling. So, you can expect to bag great deals on staying at Scandinavian Lodge in Steamboat. Also, the lift tickets are pretty cheap during this time before the peak season kicks in.

You will find that most of the restaurants are running specials in order to lure in locals for testing new winter menus. Spas are also offering great discounts to grab the early season business. Furthermore, as far as snow is concerned, there have been many years when this time of the year has proved to be incredible.

The days after Christmas to New Year: This is also an amazing time of the year to visit Steamboat. The town is in full swing and the energy is at its peak. Mother Nature showers her own surprises during this time. Some years, the town experienced extreme snowfall, whereas some years the climate is just right and bearable.

During the months of January and February: The skies during these months are absolutely open and showering the white stuff. Besides, there are many events organized during this time of the year to keep both the locals and the tourists thrilled. For instance, the Cowboy Downhill is an event worth visiting during January, and who can miss the 101st Winter Carnival of February this year.

In March: Visiting in March is like a win/win situation. There have been years when Steamboat was covered in deep snow during March, whereas in some years, the town has witnessed a brightly shining sun. Well, whatever the case is, the town is worth visiting during this time of the year.

Irrespective of what the snow condition is on the slopes, there is always plenty of activities to indulge in while in Steamboat. The media has given due importance to this beautiful town, and thus tourists are visiting it around the year. All in all, no time is a bad time to visit Steamboat Springs.

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