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5 Reasons to Why You Should Visit Ouray, Colorado

Ouray is named as the Switzerland of America. It is nestled in the mountain peaks and waterfalls in any direction you look. This place is one of the most underrated tourist spots in Colorado. For stay, you can book a reservation at my favorite hotel in Ouray, the Ouray Chalet Inn. There are some reasons listed below to convince you to visit this place at least once in your life. You will thank your decisions later.

  1. Jeeping

There are so many off highway roads you can explore in Ouray. There are many famous routes like Yankee Boy Basin when you go through Telluride or Imogen Pass and Animas Forks. The latter is an abandoned ghost town. The views are totally picturesque. But be careful, you may become jaded after witnessing a lot of cascading and towering waterfalls.

  1. Ice climbing adventures

This place is famous for rock climbing. Imagine the number of places you can walk from your house or campground right to the climbing within 15 minutes. Too much? The approach is very easy. All you have to do is take a right across the street from the visitors’ center. You may also find an amazing climbing area by the old skating rink. The bonus here is, you may find a lot of easy climbs which are safe for kids and new climbers also.

  1. Perimeter trail

This is a five mile train that goes right into the town. This is why Ouray is termed as Switzerland of America. It boasts of picturesque views and the advantage here is you will never get lost as the trail goes in a circle. But, it does get muddy when the snow is melting, so never hike in flip flops. You may also find a lot of great hikes in that area as well.

  1. Hot Springs

In the central Ouray, you may find the Ouray Hot Spring pool. There are many pools available in different temperatures so find the one you’d be comfortable in. There are colder pools of 72 degrees, the warm at 90 degrees and the superhot one at 108 degrees. There are also fun waterslides for kids as well. If you are not in a mood for swimming, then you can hit the gym. There is also a beautiful park outside that hosts concerts every week in the summers.

  1. Brewery

This is the best hangout for locals and visitors. This brewery has amazing brews on tap, great food and the best views. There are also swings you can enjoy at in the downstairs bar. And don’t forget to carry your ID. They don’t care if you look like 100 and don’t have an ID.

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